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Putting up an effective, functional IT System in place is as imperative as anything else in the digital world today. LogicLoop purveys the most expert team of developers who create intuitive and high-performing ecosystems and technological workflows that yield results.

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Test Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Ecosystem Setup
  • Consistent Integration
  • Consistent Monitoring
  • Automation Implementation
  • Consistent Delivery

Strategy and Execution

By integrating high-tech IT Systems with daily development operations, automation, toolchains and our skill sets, we streamline excellent DevOps services for our panel of clients across the globe. You can book a consultation with the experts in Development and Operations and know more!

Consistently On The Move

To ensure that your development and Operation process does not reach a halt, we have a team of consultants who set milestones and short-timely goals. The team is also responsible for reporting detailed performance reviews for retrospection and future enhancements.

To automate the process of DevOps, we utilize high-tech tools like Selenium, Docker, Puppet, etc.

  • Aiming and Executing through frameworks
  • Analysation and evaluation system
  • Strategic roadmaps for clarity
  • Execution and reviews

Constant Integration

Constant updates and tech integration keep your app or website up to date and smoothly functioning. Our expert team of DevOps ensures that the structural layout is dynamic and easy to integrate. CI assists in retaining critical data through a secret code which needs just a one-time validation.

  • One-time code validation
  • Technologically-advanced infrastructure
  • Tight-knit collabs
  • Zero delay

Continuous Delivery

Taking conventional Continuous Delivery (CD) a little further, we aim at automating the process of updating code changes for effective release to the development and production ecosystem.

Utilizing AWS CodePipeline, we offer continuous delivery for a super-fast and flexible workflow that is backed by AWS Codebuild. We also run automated tests for error-free functioning.

  • Finding factors that add to risks
  • Automation testing
  • Real-time change updating
  • Timely release management
  • Performance optimization

Continuous Monitoring

To ensure that the DevOps process does not come to a pause, we continuously gatekeeper for performance deviations, functional disconnects and availability issues to ensure that the end-users have a hassle-free experience.

From pre-production to production, we keep track of all operations with our Application Monitoring Tools for integrated infrastructure monitoring - including web and API.

  • Safeguarding end user
  • Continuous feedback
  • Keeping up with client expectations
  • Overall continuous monitoring
  • Monitoring the functionality of the system
  • Achieving business goals

AWS CI Workflow

By blending AWS Services and DevOps methods, we offer a more quick and credible foundation and end product.

Azure CI Workflow

By utilizing Cloud and On-premise implementations, integrating Azure DevOps Services, we effectively track source control, continuous integration, work tracking, and delivery using both Cloud and On-premise implementation of Azure DevOps Services.

Why DevOps?

Effective Strategic Layout for Release

Integrating the latest technologies to harmonize DevOps workflow for an error-free and hassle-free infrastructure that is managed and monitored effectively.


Expediting the DevOps cycle through strategic layouts and realistic roadmaps for catalyzing growth and achieving the quickest deliveries.

Consistent Quality

Courtesy of the massive monitoring system at every step of the process, the team can identify and eliminate errors in the DevOps system to ensure that the end product is of the best quality every time.


Feedback and upgrades are incorporated in real-time speed, thus, the team can deliver the best of DevOps infrastructure that is stable, sturdy and reliable.

Why Logicloop?

Through years of experience, our team of developers are more than equipped to provide you with the best DevOps services that shall pave the way to exponential growth.

With zero upfront investment, you build your team of skilled engineers who are well-versed with DevOps infrastructure, strategic workflow and other DevOps tools, thereby setting benchmark standards in the sphere of development and operations through your project.

From small-scale businesses to gigantic enterprises, our team has successfully executed the most premium DevOps projects.

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