Hire A Dedicated Team Of Full-Time Developers

It's time for you to take the backseat because we’re shifting gearing and driving you to exponential growth through effective web development. Our team is skilled and proficient at creating state-of-the-art, intuitive websites and applications that are backed by their vast knowledge of technology domains, digital communications, and the ability to meet deadlines and deliver high-performance.

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Having a Developer On Your Team

Advantages of Hiring Your LogicLoop Squad

A team of developers solely dedicated to your project

LogicLoop provides exclusive attention to making your digital project a complete success.

Hassle-free and Quick On-boarding

Through an effective and super-fast curation technique, you onboard a developer that understands your project goals fully and is well-equipped to anchor growth and development for you.

Prioritizing Security and Transparency

Through an NDA, we guarantee to safeguard your organizational data and develop well-structured, secure technology infrastructures for you that aren't fluid.

Unbeatable timelines and deliveries

If you're seeking unparalleled customer service, unbeatable timelines and prices as well as premium, personalized, intuitive apps to amplify your business, Logicloop is your perfect match! If we don't stand up to the hype, the first 7 days are on the house!

Constant Point of Contact

We hand-hold you throughout your online business journey by offering contractual upgrades and maintenance for your website to ensure absolute compatibility with the latest OS version & features.

Flexible Hiring Structure

Depending on the scope of work, you can choose from our flexible range of full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring opportunities.

Onsite Team

We purvey a team that works onsite to bridge the gaps in the web development process. Depending on the duration of the project, our team can be at your disposal on-site on a temporary or full-time basis.

Offsite Team

A cloud team that dedicatedly works on your project and keeps you in the loop constantly through frequent performance reviews, meetings, and more.

Product Development Team

Through an effective product development team, you can upscale your business dynamically and incorporate the best technologies in your development projects to gain an edge over your competitors.

Why Create Your Development Team With LogicLoop?

360-degree Communication

You can get in touch with the developers as and when you please for updates, guidance or assistance. Through video conferences or calls, you can get the latest updates on your project in real-time.

Zero Upfront Investment

Unlike setting up your own high-maintenance in-house team of developers, you can simply hire us and start your journey with zero upfront investment.

Optimize Whenever Wherever

Through effective cost analysis, we aim to keep monthly and yearly projections on track along with effective retrospection.

Liberty To Build Your Own Team

You can curate the fitting employee for your team who resonates with your project goals and possesses the apt skillset

Maximum Transparency

We like keeping our communication channels two-way and transparent, thereby giving our clients the complete liberty to check-in, provide feedback and ensure the incorporation of the same within the set timeframes.

Team Synchronization

Along with technical skills, our team is also equipped with the best organizational skills and team-playing qualities. Thus, the developers you onboard shall work in harmony and coordination with your organization directly and operate sincerely with your internal team.

Brands Impacted

Technologies we work with

Want us to hire for you?

It’s simple. We get results because we use techies to hire techies. Our Tech recruiters have mastered the art of Identifying resources who can get productive with little or no training on all the mentioned Platforms.

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