Where pure logic nurtures continuous growth.

Welcome to Logicloop.

How the loop started ?

A loop never starts, it always continues.

Fueling the fire within us to make your dreams a reality, the Logicloop team is a group of go getters who leave no stone unturned to deliver exceptional performance in the web/application development sphere.

We work to make development as intuitive as ever,So That Your Vision Can Come To Life.

With an expert team of developers and creative strategists, we implement strategies based on data and technology.

We start and end every conversation keeping only one thing in mind, Return On Investment.

From frontend to backend development and processing, we’re efficient, calculative and always creative. We dig data, dream data and deliver impressive data.

We’ve aced several app/web development projects through the years and continue doing so with sheer analytic and technological skills.

We’re hungry to find the tiniest bugs in the system and don’t stop until the entire development process is functioning effectively!

A loop never stops, it always continues.

You start the business, we continuously grow the business.

Founders of the Loop

Nirav, Mayank and Harish started realtyredefined.com in 2008. After scaling operations to 8 cities in India and having built a team of 250 employees they sold the company to the Indian online classifieds major Quikr.com.

With LogicLoop, we intend to revolutionize development processes to catalyze technological and business growth for our clients.

Harish Patel

Nirav Gosalia

Mayank Vora