Logicloop is a world-class PHP development company. We build high-performance, scalable, and feature-enriched PHP server-side applications and backend solutions. Our developers have an in-depth understanding of the PHP runtime environment.

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Custom PHP App Development

Custom PHP development is a versatile and widely-used approach for building web applications tailored to specific business requirements. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side scripting language known for its simplicity, flexibility, and a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Here's a note on key aspects of custom PHP development:

Web Services & API Development

Web services and API development using PHP is a fundamental aspect of modern web development. PHP is a versatile server-side scripting language that is well-suited for creating APIs and web services to facilitate data exchange and communication between different software systems, websites, and applications. Here's a note on the key aspects of web services and API development using PHP:

PHP Maintenance & Support

Logicloop's PHP application maintenance and support services are crucial for ensuring the long-term success, security, and reliability of your mission critical PHP-based software applications. When you engage with our services, you can expect a range of activities and support aimed at addressing various aspects of application upkeep and improvement. Here's what you can typically expect from Logicloop's PHP application maintenance and support services:

PHP Website Development

Using Logicloop's PHP developers companies can use PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) to develop their websites effectively and efficiently. PHP is a versatile server-side scripting language known for its simplicity, flexibility, and a vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Here's a note on how companies can leverage PHP for website development:

PHP Consulting

Companies can expect valuable expertise and guidance from Logicloop's PHP consulting services to help them make informed decisions, optimize their PHP-based projects, and ensure successful outcomes. Here's what companies can typically expect when engaging with PHP consulting services:

Hire PHP Developers

Hiring dedicated PHP developers is a critical decision for the success of your web development projects. By hiring Logicloop's dedicated developers we want to ensure you that you've made the right choice.

PHP eCommerce Development

PHP eCommerce development refers to the process of creating online stores and electronic commerce websites using the PHP programming language. PHP is a popular choice for building eCommerce platforms due to its versatility, extensive libraries, and active community. Here's a note on key aspects of PHP eCommerce development:


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For rapid, secure, and first-time-right PHP development, opt to enlist dedicated PHP developers with relevant experience and expertise. Logicloop stands as a top-tier choice for hiring these developers at cost-effective rates.

  • Customized to Suit Your Requirements

    When you team up with Logicloop, you gain the advantage of tapping into our extensive team of 200+ in-house developers, ensuring you can swiftly fill any role you need.

  • Control in Your Hands

    Gain Full Control Over Your Dedicated PHP Development Team, Minus the Administrative Hassles. Your Team's Workflow is in Your Hands, Supported by Transparent Processes that Provide Clear Insights into Every Task and Action.

  • Effortless Production

    Our HR specialists, office managers, and system administrators ensure an optimal working environment for your development team.

  • Low Attrition

    From corporate outings and ongoing training to engagement initiatives, career guidance, and effective grievance resolution, our seasoned HR professionals ensure that every developer you hire through us remains highly motivated to contribute to your success.

  • 50% Cost savings

    Our clients have achieved remarkable labor cost savings of up to 50%. We've got your team's payroll, taxes, benefits, sick days, and vacations fully taken care of.

  • ISO 27001 Security

    Logicloop maintains adherence to ISO 27001 certified information security standards, guaranteeing the safeguarding of your intellectual property and investments.



To secure the services of top-notch app developers in India, it's essential to select a company that possesses the following qualities:

  • A Decade of Industry Expertise: Look for a company with a track record of at least ten years in the industry.
  • Extensive Technology Portfolio: Should have a proven track record of successfully developing at least 20+ applications using the required technology platform.
  • Robust Development Team: Make sure the company has a sizable team of 25+ highly skilled developers proficient in your required technology platform.
  • Certifications for Quality and Security: Companies holding certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 demonstrate their commitment to quality and information security.
  • Positive Client Feedback: Look for a company renowned for its outstanding reputation, along with positive client testimonials & reviews on Google.

Considering these criteria, Logicloop emerges as the ideal choice to fulfill your development needs.

Team Logicloop consists of over 100 developers, each possessing diverse expertise in various technology stacks and skill sets, with an average of 3 years of practical development experience.

Certainly. We share the profiles of our developers for your review, giving you the opportunity to interview them. We ensure they align perfectly with your project before making a selection.

We are committed to swift resolution. We will promptly replace the developer to ensure your project continues smoothly.

Absolutely. We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your source code and project concept. To ensure this, we readily sign Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as part of our commitment to safeguarding all your assets.

Opting for dedicated and proficient tech developers offers several valuable benefits:

  • Collaboration with Dedicated Expertise: You gain access to dedicated and highly skilled developers who are committed to your project's success.
  • Complete Development Process Control: Enjoy full control over the development process, allowing you to steer the project according to your unique requirements.
  • Incorporated Quality Assurance and Risk Mitigation: A dedicated team often includes quality assurance specialists who help ensure the highest project standards while minimizing risks.
  • Project Management Included: You'll have a dedicated project manager overseeing your project and team, without any additional or recurring charges.
  • Integrated Team Dynamics: Your hired developers seamlessly integrate into your team, fostering close collaboration and effective communication.
  • Incorporating dedicated developers into your project can significantly enhance its efficiency and success.

Yes, you have full autonomy to manage your developer(s) directly. This includes task assignment, work review, scheduling meetings, and receiving daily reports detailing completed work and milestone achievements.

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